Lists of Generations of Computers

List of generation of computer
List of generation of computer

You must know all about the computer but do you know the first-ever computer is very large in size. This computer occupied a large floor place. This consumes a lot of electricity. Lists of Generations of Computers

So today we will tell you about the generation of computers.

First Generation Computer:

ENIAC ( electronic numerical integrator and calculator ) was the world’s first computer. It was made by John Presper Escarts or John Mauchly in 1945. And the first truly general computer was designed to meet the requirement of World War 2. It was used to calculating in the army and told how far the Enemies ahead.

ENIAC was a general-purpose computing machine in which vacuum tube technology was used and based on decimal arithmetic rather than binary arithmetic. The size of this computer was too big and it was too much weight. It was too much costly speed is very slow.

Second Generation Computer:

The second-generation computer started with the advent of transistor replacing vacuum tubes. It was made in 1956 well, the transistor is already made in 1947 by William Shockley, John Bardun and William Bratain. The second-generation computer was more advanced in term of arithmetic and logic unit and control unit then there counterpart of the first generation computer. Lists of Generations of Computers

Magnetic disc storage was also developed during this period. It was cheaper smaller and less heat compared to the first-generation computers.

Third Generation Computer:

The third generation computer is started with the advent of an Integrated circuit replacing the transistor. Well, there are many transistors inside the IC. Third generation computer was made in 1964. Semiconductor ( Integrated circuit ) memories were started to augment ferrite core memory as the main memory.

And certain new technique was introduced to increase the effective speed of program execution. It was a medium speed medium size and cheapest as compared to the second-generation computers.

Fourth Generation Computer:

The fourth-generation computer started with VLSI ( Very Large Scale Integrated ) replacing IC. And it was built in 1975. Medium Scale Integrated circuit yielded large and very large scale Integrated circuit ( VLSI ) packing about 50,000 transistors in a chip. Magnetic Core memories were replaced by semiconductor memories. It was the faster, the smallest and very cheap computer.

Fifth Generation Computer:

The fifth-generation computer starts from 1988 till now. The fifth-generation computer ( tomorrow’s computer ) is still under the research and development stage. This computer would have artificial intelligence.

It will use ULSI ( Ultra large scale integration ) chips in place of VLSI chips. These are very small size and speed is very fast and very cheapest as compared to the old generation of computers.


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